Function Setting

Function Editor

The function editor is an area where you can write, run, add, delete, and name functions. Each function has its own code area and code output, and its code does not affect the other functions.

Code area

The code area is where you are going to write down your function code. When you type spacebar, the auto complete dropdown is given. The Auto complete dropdown suggests functions by using the keyword you write after typing spacebar. Use up/down arrow keys to get to the item you want to add and press enter to add the function into the code area.

You can run and get the result of the functions as follows:

  1. Select a function tab you want to code.

  2. After code is completely written, click Run button.

  3. At the Code Output area below the code editor, you'll find out the result.

  4. You can visualize the result in chart at Visualization Setting tab.

Code Output

When you click a run button after filling out the functions, you can get the result of every function you made. And the table filled with the result can be seen at the code output.

If the result is not shown or the error comes out, then it means that your function may has an error somewhere. Fix your function code and run again to get the right result.

Add Function

You can add the Function as follows:

  1. Click the ADD button at the right side.

  2. You can add up to 5.

Delete Function

You can delete the Function as follows:

  1. Select the Function on the code editor you want to delete.

  2. Click the DELETE button at the right side.

  3. The message will pop up to ask you confirm deletion. Click DELETE

Name Function

You can name the function. It'll be displayed when the function is visualized as chart.

  1. Select the Function on the code editor you want to rename.

  2. Press the input right below the function tab

  3. Name changes will be automatically saved and applied to chart.

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