Select Time Range

This guide explains how to select the time range for data

Select Time Range

  1. After selecting the data, you should select the time range of the data

  2. You could choose either type of the time range: Historical or Live

  3. Selected time range should be wider than the imported data

  4. After selecting time range, press Apply button to completely import data

Historical Range

Historical time is a fixed date and time.

  1. Select Date on the calendar.

  2. After selecting date, you can select hour and minute of the date. 00:00 is set as a default.

Live Range

Live time is a variable date and time, based on real-time. For example, if you want to make update data automatically over time, you should select live time.

  1. You can select the Live time range as below:

  • Last 1 hour

  • Last 4 hours

  • Last 8 hours

  • Last 12 hours

  • Last 1 day

  • Last 3 days

  • Last 5 days

  • Last 7 days

  • Last 14 days

  • Last 21 days

  • Last 30 days (Selected as default)

  • Last 60 days

  • Last 90 days

  • Last 180 days

Combination Range

  1. You can select Historical for Start time, and Live for End time as below:

  • Set time range as 2020-01-01 00:00~Current

  • Set time range as 2021-03-02 23:59~Last 1 hour

  1. However, you cannot select Live for Start time, and Historical for End time. End time should always be further than Start time.

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