Data Details

As you imported the data, you can find out that data are the time-series tables, which has one time column and the others as the indices at the time.


Raw data alias (e.g. R1, R2, R3...)

  • After the data is imported, you can get the unique alias.

  • These are used as the variables in code area to call them, working as a prefix of the column

Column name (e.g. R1_base_volume)

  • At the side bar, if you select a datum, you can see which indices does it has.

You can preview actual values of the data as a table. It helps you get the context of the data you are using for the code. Follow these steps as below:

  1. Select data you want to preview at the left side bar or right next to the side bar.

  2. Click the column name you want to copy.

  3. Once you copied the column, paste it on the function editor.

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